Egypt trip

Egypt – is a trip to the pyramids a good choice?

The fact is that more and more Poles are wondering where to go on the upcoming holiday… Maybe it is worth going to a country like Egypt? A trip to visit Pyramids – especially among Poles – is very popular. What makes it worth choosing this tourist destination? There are plenty of tourist attractions. It is no wonder then that many people choose this direction. What can you see in Egypt? A trip to the pyramids that are in Giza is the most chosen option.

However, remember that in this country you find plethora of other attractions. For instance, the statue of the Great Sphinx. Nothing prevents you from visiting such places as Luxor, Alexandria, North Saqqara, Siwa Oasis etc. What other aspects contribute to the fact that people willingly decide to go to Egypt? One of them is definitely the weather condition. You don’t have to worry about bad weather.

In fact, you can expect beautiful weather all year long. You don’t have to worry about too high prices, either. You can take advantage of the fact that in the tourism industry there is growing competition every year. For various reasons, a trip to this particular country is therefore a very good solution… It is worth noting that there are many Poles who decide to spend money on this tourist destination.

Remember that when it is autumn or winter, the weather conditions are very good in this African country. However, Egypt is not only monuments. You can also spend time in a slightly less active way. For example, sunbathing on the beaches, etc. It should be noted here that Egypt has free access – both to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Therefore, tourists will certainly not complain about the lack of sandy, clean beaches. www